June Safety Directors Forum

Wed, Jun. 27th - 8:00 am

Lock Out/Tag Out
Presenter: Greg Anderson, Kennedy Tank and Manufacturing

The June Safety Directors Forum will focus on the importance of lock out/tag out. It is a standard safety procedure that all companies should follow to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started again while doing repair or maintenance work. Greg Anderson, Environmental & Safety Director for Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Co., will conduct a basic overview of lock out/tag out (LOTO). He will cover the various types of energy sources, types of LOTO devices and the basic LOTO process. In addition, Anderson will provide a variety of group LOTO practices as well as some tips on how to make it work.

The presentation will include:

  • General overview of lock out/tag out
  • Information regarding group LOTO and how to clean up LOTO
  • Common LOTO pitfalls as it relates to a contractor
  • Review of common citations regarding LOTO

The CCS Safety Directors’ Forum is a great way to network and share ideas with your peers in the construction and facilities maintenance industry. You don’t have to be a safety director to attend. Everyone is welcome, so please join CCS at RMS Safety, 8227 Northwest Blvd., Suite 230 in Indianapolis on June 27 for this FREE event.

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