May Safety Directors Forum

Wed, May. 22nd - 8:00 am

Silica and Your Job Site

Join CCS for its Safety Directors Forum on Wednesday, May 22nd where the focus will be on silica and its impact on worker safety on job sites. Kristina Welch and Kimberly Decker of Corteva Agriscience will discuss the current OSHA requirements, methods for mitigating silica exposure, real life examples of silica mitigation and Corteva’s partnership with contractors in order to assist in silica hazard identification.

Learning objectives for the session:

  • Understand OSHA’s silica requirements
  • Understand methods to comply with OSHA’s silica requirements
  • Understanding methods for silica mitigation

CEUs will be available for this session.

The CCS Safety Directors’ Forum is a great way to network and share ideas with your peers in the construction and facilities maintenance industry. You don’t have to be a safety director to attend. Everyone is welcome, so please join CCS on May 22nd from 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. at the CCS Office Conference Center, 8909 Purdue Rd., Suite 140 in Indianapolis for this FREE event.

About the presenters:

Kristina Welch is an Industrial Hygienist at Corteva Agriscience. She has experience implementing the facility’s silica program which includes identifying tasks involving silica containing materials, developing and executing monitoring plans and implementing mitigation techniques. Her experience also includes managing silica medical surveillance and respiratory protection programs.

Kimberly Decker is the Chemical Hygiene Officer and EH&S Implementation Specialist for Corteva Agriscience for that last four years. She was instrumental in the implementation of the Silica Program for both General Industry and Construction for Corteva, as well as, a key member of the standard development team for the Dow Chemical Company. In addition, Kimberly lead the efforts to ensure all contractor work forces in Indianapolis were operational and compliant with this standard by September 2016 to ensure the safety of all our personnel on site.