Substance Abuse Program

The CCS Substance Abuse Program allows construction owners and contractors to have one database for employee drug test tracking. Our online portal, Construction Safesite, is the go-to tracking system for construction employers. Working with an independent lab and tracking through an easy-to-use website, employers across the construction industry require that all employees obtain their CCS Card before ever showing up on the jobsite. With this card comes the requirement that the employee has submitted to and passed an annual drug test that meets or exceeds DOT requirements.

The Substance Abuse Program takes drug testing and policies to the next level. This program provides model policies to not only deal with employees who are actively using, but to aid them in gaining access to addiction help and reduce the risk for you as the employer. Addictions and recreational drug use cost both the employer and the employee money and endanger the lives of those around them. CCS provides a ready-to-implement program to help ensure that employees on your jobsite are substance free – reducing risks for your company.

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