Each year, CCS recognizes companies and individuals for their outstanding safety efforts and for their commitment to the CCS mission of sending construction and facilities maintenance workers home safely every day. The Excellence in Safety Award, better known as the Crystal Eagle, recognizes the CCS member company that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to safety and is the highest honor that CCS bestows on a company. Members may also submit for the Safety Innovation Award, Outstanding Project Safety Award and the Zero Injury Award. Individual awards include the Burnie McGinnis Award and the Outstanding Craftsperson Award. A panel of industry experts serve as judges and unanimously select the winners.

Submission Documents
Excellence in Safety Award – due January 15
Burnie McGinnis Award – due February 23
Safety Innovation Award – due February 23
Zero Injury Award – due February 23
Outstanding Project Safety Award – due March 1
Outstanding Craftsperson Award – due March 15