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Who We Are

The Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the elimination of construction and facilities maintenance jobsite injuries and illnesses with the ultimate objective of returning construction and maintenance workers home to their families, friends and communities free from harm.

CCS works to make our industry better and safer. All members, program participants, and volunteers help us achieve that goal.

CCS is a cross-section of the entire industry: the networking opportunities in CCS cannot be replicated in any other association.


CCS is dedicated to the elimination of construction and facilities maintenance jobsite injuries and illnesses with the ultimate objective of returning construction and maintenance workers home to their families, friends, and communities free from harm.


CCS was founded as the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) by a group of construction leaders to improve safety in Central Indiana. Today, the organization has expanded its footprint beyond that market and is now on jobsites in several different states so the Board of Directors dropped the “MI” to better reflect our membership and our reach.

Core Values

CCS core values are put into action by:

  • Ensuring that all stakeholders are fully represented by the organization without regard to size, status as signatory to a collective bargaining agreement, or industry sector.  CCS seeks the involvement of all stakeholders including owners, general contractors, subcontractors, collectively organized and merit shop workers, designers, and regulators that constitute the construction and facilities maintenance community.  CCS believes, that through this safety-minded coalition of stakeholders, we can accomplish our mission.
  • Being the leader for construction and facilities maintenance safety.  CCS believes that by striving to be the area leader in construction and facilities maintenance safety, and by leveraging the resources and influence of our stakeholders, we can improve the overall safety performance within the construction and facilities maintenance community.
  • Promoting a work environment that is free from substance abuse.  CCS believes that a drug and alcohol free workplace is essential in obtaining an injury free jobsite and is one of the primary objectives of the association. CCS will proactively establish programs that combat substance abuse via a testing and validation process of onsite workers.
  • Providing learning and educational opportunities related to construction and facilities maintenance safety.  CCS believes that advancing the safety, occupational health, and regulatory knowledge of our stakeholders helps to improve the safety-related performance on the jobsite.  CCS will actively seek out and provide for educational opportunities for our stakeholders.
  • Establishing the criteria for safety programs to be utilized by the stakeholders to improve their own safety programs.  CCS believes that by establishing the criteria for safety programs it helps to ensure continuity in how workplace hazards are recognized, evaluated, and controlled from jobsite to jobsite.
  • Establishing minimum levels for safety performance via a contractor certification program.  CCS believes that by establishing and promoting minimum levels of acceptable safety performance and certifying contractors to those levels, owners and others sourcing contractor services can be assured that the contractor has an established and effective safety program.

Recognizing those stakeholders that standout among their peers with respect to their safety performance and innovation.  CCS believes that by recognizing the successes of our stakeholders we can uplift the safety performance of the construction and facilities maintenance community through the spirit of competition and the sharing of best practices.

Strategic Goals

In January 2013, a select group of MICCS members met to establish a strategic plan for the organization with the intent of completing the goals by the end of 2016. The following is the vision that came out of that strategic planning meeting:

  1. A system is in place to measure and report on the key metrics that show a quantifiable improvement in safety and a reduction in risk.
  2. Increase membership and benefits.
    • We hit the following targets:
      • Total association members:
      • Companies entered into the Certification Program:
      • Active Worker Records in the Substance Abuse Program:
    • Form strategic alliances with insurance carriers to:
      • Show a financial value to owners and contractors involved with OCIPs, CCIPs.
      • Offer a scheduled credit on insurance premiums.
  3. CCS is fully prepared to take our programs national.  This means that we have the following aspects in place:
    • Technology
    • Auditors around the country that have been vetted and a process to identify new resources as necessary
    • In house staff is prepared
    • We have “practiced” in the Cincinnati/Dayton area
  4. 10 “active” owners have been added. An active owner has the following characteristics:
    • Board or committee engagement
    • They require at least one of our two programs
    • They have a presence at all major functions
  5. Develop a database for tracking the safety statistics (Certification program, Substance Abuse Program, training) of our members. This will also assist us in developing new products/services in the future.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Doug Condon

Dow AgroSciences

(317) 337-3922

Kevin Turner

AECOM/Hunt Construction Group

(317) 277-7800

Mark McGuire

AAA Roofing

(317) 635-2928

Rex Phillips

Eli Lilly and Company

(317) 276-7988

Steve Bestard

Messer Construction

(317) 863-3382


Brian Acton

BMWC Constructors

(317) 267-0444

Steve Allemeier

Pepper Construction of Indiana

(317) 681-1000 x 5268

Kyle Bauer

ABC of Indiana/Kentucky (ex-officio)

(317) 596-4950

Michelle Boyd

Top Notch (ex-officio)

(317) 927-0499

D.R Foley

Eli Lilly and Company

(317) 277-1403

Randy Gieseking

Safety Management Group

800) 435-8850

Mark Gribbins

Gribbins Insulation

(317) 297-3850

Matt Lewellen

Steinberger Construction

(574) 739-0813

James Jenkins

Purdue University

(765) 494-4705

JD Kyle


(317) 780-2923

Jeffrey Peek (Legal Counsel)

Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman

(317) 633-4884

Rick Ruble

Indiana Dept. of Labor (ex-officio)

(317) 234-3851

Angela Smith

Indiana Dept. of Trans. (ex-officio)

(317) 232-5173

Becky Strait

Indianapolis Power & Light

(317) 261-8789

Kasey Tveit

Vectren Corporation

(317) 776-5556

Marty Wood

I.U. Health

(317) 962-9623

Awards Committee

Matt Jacques (Chairman)

Shiel Sexton

Chad Apple

Meyer Najem, Inc.

Jeff Fox

Dow AgroSciences

Jim Johnston

Eli Lilly and Company

Matt McCreery

Safety Resources

John Ridge

Performance Mechanical Contracting

Certification Committee

Jesse Brazzell

Safety Management Group

Tammy Hines


Jason Jones

Trinity Safety Group

JD Kyle


Jon Lollar


Scott Lollar

Poynter Sheet Metal

Scott Lowe

Eli Lilly and Company

Vince Plank

Safety Management Group

Karl Weisser

Safety Resources

Sheryl Yaraschefski

Trinity Safety Group

Educational Outreach Committee

Kristin VanSoest (Chairwoman)

Safety Resources, Inc.

Jeff Chinn

Gaylor Electric

Sean Devenney

Drewry Simmons Vornehm

Butch DeWitt

Spohn Associates

John Knight

Safety Management Group

B.J. Moore

MJ Insurance

Patrick Portteus

The Skillman Corporation

Mike Randall

Steinberger Construction

Membership Development Committee

Mark Badgley (Chairman)

Johnson Controls

Steve Champlin

Midwest Toxicology Services

Bryan King

Patriot Engineering

Chris Moore

Old National Insurance

Kevin Turner

Wurster Construction

Safety Directors Committee

Dan Turzillo (Chairman)

Weigand Construction

Greg Anderson

Kennedy Tank

Amy Fletcher

Horner Electric

Shawn Guernsey

Shiel Sexton

Eric Meadors

ATI Physical Therapy

Darrell Rice

Midwest Switchgear

Karl Weisser

Safety Resources

Thomas White

Hagerman Construction

Sheryl Wiser

Fox Contractors

Chris Wolfe

Reese Wholesale

Substance Abuse Oversight Committee

Becky Strait (Chairwoman)

Indianapolis Power & Light

Phil Kenney

F.A. Wilhelm

Terry Metheny

Eli Lilly and Company

Chris Mitchell

Safety Management Group

Kevin Potter

Shiel Sexton

CCS Staff

Scott Grimes

Executive Director


Heather Martin

Program Director


Marcy Watson

Association Manager


How to Find Us

Coalition for Construction Safety
8909 Purdue Rd., Suite 130
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Fax 317.686.2672

Scott Grimes

Executive Director


Heather Martin

Program Director


Marcy Watson

Association Manager